THIS IS SO SUPER COOL! Adirondack Sports and Fitness January 2019 Edition has Nordic Skiing "DISCOVER THE BEST GROOMED TRAILS" as the cover article. Guess who appears among top Adirondack (including Olympic) and Vermont areas? Brookhaven Park! Check it out!

Welcome to my cross country skiing web page dedicated to the ski trails at and around my home on Alpine Meadows Rd.  Here you can find links to trail maps and guidelines as well as general information and a ski report once the snow starts to fly. Special thanks to the Town of Greenfield for promoting recreational skiing at their Brookhaven Winter Park.



Porter Corners Weather


It’s a wrap on the 21-22 season unless we get a cold snap and a snow dump. Thanks to everyone for your support.

Cross country skiing on Brookhaven XC Ski Trails, Alpine Meadows Rd, Town of Greenfield, NY

Brookhaven Trail Keepers